PH605 Hairpin Lace Scarves

PH605 Hairpin Lace Scarves


These lovely, lacy scarves are fun and quick to make with a hairpin lace loom and a crochet hook!

Worked in dk or aran weight.

Addition Information

Pale Blue Scarf
(pictured at left)
4”wide, 64” long
Materials: 365 yds dk weight yarn
Crochet hook size H
Hairpin Lace Loom

Multi-Colored Scarf
(pictured at center)
5” wide, 60” long
Materials: 160 yds aran weight yarn
Crochet hook size J
Hairpin Lace Loom

Medium Blue Scarf
(pictured at right)
5” wide, 70” long
Materials: 275 yds dk weight yarn
Crochet hooks sizes G & I
Hairpin Lace Loom


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